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Q. With all this wedding planning, I sometimes feel I'm keeping everyone else happy at the expense of me and my partner! What can we do just for us to boost our mood before the big day?

A. Zanna Maison says: There are some great additional ways to boost your mood as the big day draws nearer. Schedule a regular weekly date night when you do something with just the two of you. That could be dinner, cinema or simply a picnic at home in the garden. It's all about spending great quality time together. As the wedding gets closer, finances may be tight, but there are some fabulous options for overnight stays – be it Glamping, Airbnb or, if you can squeeze it in the budget, a gorgeous night away at a hotel. Recharge your batteries, step away from the planning and focus on the two of you.

Or how about a pamper evening? Relax with a gorgeous massage in the comfort of your own home. Re-energise your mind, body and spirit with stunning scented oils and enjoy the reinvigorating benefits of massage. At Neroli & Co, we offer treatments brought direct to your door. Want to try something special – why not combine all three? You could have dinner at a hotel, treatments in your hotel room and then add a restful night's sleep and a delicious breakfast – heaven!

Zanna Maison

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