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Blushing bride

Blushing bride

Q. What bridal make-up looks and shades will be trending for weddings this autumn?

A. Poppy Wilson says: My philosophy is to create flawless but lightweight wedding make-up that will last all day. Trends have shifted from ultra-glamorous and extravagant styles to a more subtle, softer kind of 'no make-up' look which means no more harsh liner, heavy foundation and strong contouring which was popular before the pandemic. This is replaced with natural, glowing make-up (and hair) that looks effortless which is set to be the trend moving forward. More and more brides that I work with want to look like an enhanced version of themselves rather than a drastic transformation. They show me photographs of themselves with make-up on (instead of pictures of a celebrity like Kim Kardashian) requesting to look like they did in the photo but the best version of it. Glowing skin with a natural rosy cheek and an enhanced neutral lip colour is the classic bridal look for 2022. I recommend the Beauty Light Wand in the shade Pinkgasm, £29, by www.charlottetilbury.com as a great choice for skin. It's important that on the wedding day, enough make-up is worn to show up in the photographs so finding the right blend is key.

Poppy Wilson, Poppy Wilson


Body beautiful

Body beautiful

Q. I'm considering having body contouring before my wedding and honeymoon – what does it involve?

A. says: : Body contouring is the fastest growing treatment for non-surgical procedures aimed at helping to improve muscle tone, shape areas of the body, improve the contour of the skin and tighten it. Body contouring is very useful in addressing specific areas of the body including the inner and outer thighs, arms, back, belly and buttocks. The TShape2 machine is currently the most advanced body contouring system in the world. It performs body shaping treatments using a combination of low-power lasers, multi-polar radio frequency, endodermic massage and micro-vibration. This combination of technologies targets the skin and fat, helping smooth irregularities on the skin and increase lymphatic drainage. B-Force is another recent breakthrough in body contouring via technology designed to strengthen and tone muscles by stimulating muscle contractions on a level that was not achievable before using high-intensity electromagnetic field technology. BForce will create an average of 36,000 strong contractions of the muscle fibres which is the equivalent of 30-minutes of exercise and 36,000 sit-ups. This heightened stress forces the muscles to become stronger and more toned. Body contouring treatments provide long-lasting results when managed with a good diet and exercise. There's a recommended minimum of six sessions of each machine doing a session per week, but this could be up to twelve for optimal results. There is no downtime aside from the treatment areas feeling a little tender, and results will be seen immediately. Before starting a course of body contouring treatment, clients must book in for a consultation and full assessment. Treatments range from £250 to £500 per session depending on the areas being treated.

Dr BK Clinic


Spring bride

Spring bride

Q. Please can you give me some ideas for my spring wedding make-up and lashes?

A. Melissa Clare says: Ombré eyeshadow is a beautiful choice for a spring wedding. This is where you transition the colours on your eyelids across a few gradients creating a beautiful blend of tones, allowing you to add in a popping shade with some more natural ones to enhance your eye colour. Popping shades of purple blended with hazel browns look beautiful on green eyes. Mix orange and pink tones with bronze for blue eyes and try burgundy and golden shades for brown eyes.

To keep your skin looking fresh, start by spring cleaning your products and investing in a new beauty regime. Whilst it's important not to dramatically change your skincare too close to your wedding date, it's important to adapt to how you treat your skin with each season. As winter tends to wreak havoc, it's important to keep it looking hydrated. Pay close attention to moisturising dry areas around your nose and forehead, and keep your complexion glowing with a regular enzyme peel and exfoliator. If you're on a budget, instead of throwing out your winter foundation, try mixing it with a small drop of face oil which will tone down a heavier foundation and add a sheen, perfect for a glowing spring wedding.

When it comes to blusher, think fresh and rosy pinks and use a soft pink highlighter on your cheekbones. Choose creme products if you want your skin to look radiant, or use a powder if you have oily skin.

Melissa Clare, Melissa Clare Makeup

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