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Vive la difference

Vive la difference

Q. Our wedding party is full of very individual characters, and we're looking for clothing that reflects that. Any suggestions?

A. Nicola Whybrow says: Nicola says: Not every bride feels that their bridesmaids need to wear the same dress, but when executed well, the bridal party can still look fabulous in different outfits. It is best, however, to have a running theme of some sort. Perhaps try different dresses in a neutral tone with a pop of colour or amazing styled shoes, and always encourage your bridesmaids to express their individual personalities through their accessories, including shoes, hair detailing, bracelets and earrings.

As for the groomsmen, why not try browns for warm skin tones and navy or greys as an alternative for cool skin tones? Alternatively, choose ties in a variety of different shades of one colour depending on whether they suit bright or muted shades in cool or warm colours. Groomsmen should also show off their own style, panache and personality through their shoes and belts. Flamboyance may not be the look you are after, but well-dressed, dapper and confident definitely is. Remember that quality is key for accessories.

Nicola Whybrow

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