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Perfect match

Perfect match

Q. What's your top tips for finding the right wedding photographer for our wedding day?

A. Tonja Fritz-Johnson says: I frequently look at online wedding forums to better understand what is important to couples. The main and very pertinent questions seem to be 'How to choose..' and 'What is a good price…'.

Most importantly you need to find a photographer you really trust! You need to 'click' with a person; after all they will accompany you throughout an emotional and unique day and whilst offering you a professional service, they should also feel privileged to be with you.

Your trust will be based on considerations like how well they respond to your wishes and expectations. You will also want to check the photographers' portfolio, to make sure they deliver the style and quality you want in the time available on the day. After all, you should spend the day with your guests, not the photographer. Additionally you will want to know about details like the equipment used, insurance, service/products on offer and professionalism.

It's also really important that the photographer is not a 'one man band', so you can be assured that your photographer can provide an equal replacement, should he/she be unable to attend. To that extent, you should always be offered a contract that spells out what they will be providing to you. It may seem bureaucratic, but it will ensure clarity and manage expectations and above all, avoid misunderstandings and disappointment.

And what about the budget? This is an emotive subject, no doubt, and also a very personal one. I'm always worried when I see requests on the forums for a full day coverage for a very low price, that deal that seems too good to be true. The photographers offering those deals will have to operate well under the minimum wage. Everyone is on a tight budget and it is well worth shopping around. Be realistic though and consider what you are asking for. It may be a low cost, but are you confident that you are going to get those images that will remind you of a fabulous day for years to come?

The truth is, wedding photography is an investment. If the overall cost seems a bit out of your range, consider asking for payment options, as spreading the cost might help. Never hesitate to discuss the cost with your photographer, they will understand your concerns.

Lastly my top tip; make a scrapbook to show your photographer with images you like, wherever you find them. It will give them a good idea of what you are after. Don't hesitate to speak to your photographer repeatedly about what's worrying you, so they have a chance to help with any questions.

Tonja Fritz-Johnson,Wallingford Portraits & Weddings


All together now

All together now

Q. We love all our friends and family and see the big day as much about them as about us - how can we make sure that's reflected in the photos?

A. Sapna Odlin says: Sapna says: On your special day that you've been planning for months or years, your most important people will be there to see you begin your new journey as a married person. You want them to enjoy your day as much as you do and you want to remember them being there. The day will fly by and your friends and family will be having a fabulous time, and you can only experience so much.

If you want to truly relive your day, perhaps think about hiring a second shooter. Your main photographer can capture the main events, and your second can capture all the stuff you might miss: the groom prep, your best mates crying in the aisles, your mum looking on with pride and your dad shocked at the best man's speech.

If you're having a fusion wedding, think about how to incorporate both cultures into the day, as that way both partner's guests will feel part of the day. You could include subtle hints of both cultures in the table decorations, the invitations, the flowers, the favours. And why not think about novel and quirky ways to include your guests in the day? You could even try doing what one couple I photographed did, and swim to the ceremony with your guests!

Sapna Odlin


Off the wall

Off the wall

Q. I'd love my wedding album to be filled with fun and unusual pics rather than the normal family lineups. How can we create the ultimate big-day shoot?

A. Tonja Fitz-Johnson says: Tonja says: If you would like your images presented in a creative and personalised album, make sure you find a photographer who will provide you with the shots that reflect your photographic style. After all, if you don't have the relevant shots, the album will not be what you hoped for! The photographer should be designing the album with your input rather than sending it away to be compiled. The albums are often called digital or storybook albums. Make sure you ask your photographer to see a sample of a real-life wedding to get a feel for it.

There is no limit to the combined creativity of you and your photographer, whether a very styled, themed or totally relaxed wedding! I love the wealth of ideas people have and am inspired by telling the story of their day in the form of an album. My clients are always amazed how fantastic the final images look in a large-scale album when we are so used to electronic product.

Tonja Fitz-Johnson


The photographer

The photographer

Q. How did Sapna combine rustic barn décor with a modern twist in our 'get the look' special?

A. Sapna Odlin says: “Her work captures natural events rather than staged photography, which I truly love.” - Sarah

Sapna Odlin

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