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See how other local couples celebrated their big day with inspirational weddings and bridal stories from Real Weddings features in Your Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wedding.

Real Weddings: A Beautiful Berkshire Day

A Beautiful Berkshire Day

Jacqui and Jeremy live in Dubai and work in the same office. "I was attracted to Jacqui's caring nature and her energy," Jeremy tells us. Jacqui adds, "I loved how patient he was." Jeremy proposed on Jacqui's birthday in 2022 which was a complete surprise. "One month earlier, I had been looking for rings and was thrilled when I found the perfect one, which prompted me to propose," Jeremy says.


Real Weddings: A beautiful Buckinghamshire day

A beautiful Buckinghamshire day

Elise and Jonny met at school when Jonny joined Elise's sixth form. "We had mutual friends and Jonny invited me to go on a cinema date on Valentine's Day," Elise tells us. "He turned up with a dozen roses and after the movie, he invited himself into my parent's house and made them a cup of tea! I loved his confidence and humour!"


Real Weddings: Something Blue

Something Blue

Lauren and Jono met via the dating app Hinge. "I remember that one of Jono's photos was him drinking rose wine in the sunshine," Lauren says. "He seemed nice and when we met, I loved his bright blue eyes. He was interesting and easy to talk to - I was so happy when he texted me to ask me out on a second date!" Jono adds, "Our first date was at Gordon's Wine Bar in London and I thought Lauren seemed witty and cute. I had to leave the date early because work was so busy at the time so I asked her for a second date, and she accepted - a miracle!"


Real Weddings: The great outdoors

The great outdoors

Beckie and Huw met at work and hit it off from the start. "Huw proposed to me during a walk that we love to do near my family home in Buckland," Beckie tells us. Beckie wanted to get married close to where she grew up. "I regularly attend the local church service throughout the year so it seemed like the natural choice to get married in," she tells us. "I wanted the reception to be in Buckland so hiring a marquee offered us that flexibility."


Real Weddings: In the summertime

In the summertime

Alice and Nick met while studying at Loughborough University. "I was attracted to Nick's playful personality," Alice tells us. "His dashing good looks helped too!" Nick was attracted to Alice's cheeky smile and positive attitude. "I was smitten with Alice and told my friends she was the one from the start," he says. Nick had wanted to propose on Alice's birthday during a surprise trip to the Amalfi Coast but unfortunately, it coincided with the lockdown. "Nick held onto the ring and took me to Italy six months later and popped the question up a mountain in the Dolomites which was perfect," Alice says.


Real Weddings: Love at first swipe

Love at first swipe

Caroline and Rob first met six years ago on an online dating app and their first date was in London where they met up for a drink and enjoyed a walk by Tower Bridge. "Rob proposed to me on the 17th of October 2020 on top of Mam Tor, one of the highest points in the Peak District," Caroline tells us. "We have been to the Peak District many times together before including our first time away together six years ago, so it's a very special place to us. After a three-hour hike, Rob asked me to take a picture of myself looking into the distance and as I turned backaround, he was on one knee which was such a surprise! He was so nervous that I had to remind him to put the ring on my finger!"


Real Weddings: An intimate day

An intimate day

Amy and John met through work and became best friends. "The rest, as they say, is history!" Amy tells us. The couple became engaged during a few days away in Kent. "We were staying in a beautiful woodland cottage cabin, the Woodcutters Cottage at Swallowtail Hill which Amy had booked as a surprise," John says. "She didn't expect me to propose by the campfire!" Amy adds, "John had set up his iPhone for what he told me was a timed photograph but actually it was a video and at the last minute, he got down on one knee so the moment was captured perfectly!"


Real Weddings: A stylish affair

A stylish affair

Daisy and Ed met in their final year at Loughborough University in 2016. "During our time at university, we had lived close by to one another and had heard of each other through mutual friends but did not meet properly until our final year," Daisy tells us. "When we did meet, we instantly hit it off as friends first, and then we started dating a few months later."


Real Weddings: Vintage vibe

Vintage vibe

Emily and Tom met on Tinder in June 2017 and clicked from their very first date. "We both love musicals and performing so an in-car sing-along to Defying Gravity from the show Wicked was all it took, along with a race around a go-karting track!" Emily tells us. "Tom proposed just after my birthday in October 2019 at Cahoots, a 1940s-themed bar in London. It was a complete surprise! The timing was perfect as Tom was able to ask my parents' permission a couple of days beforehand."


Real Weddings: An intimate affair

An intimate affair

Claudia and William first dated in school when they were 16 years old. "Our teenage love didn't last and we went our separate ways but continued to share a group of friends who were adamant that we should get back together," Claudia tells us. "Twelve years later, Will reached out again and fast forward nine months, we were engaged!"

The couple became engaged during a romantic beach proposal. "Will treated me to a barbecue on a quiet beach near Fowey in Cornwall," Claudia says. "He rustled up a delicious meal and it ended with a proposal which was perfect!"


Real Weddings: Just married

Just married

Stacey and Jake met through an online dating app. "As our first date, Jake took me for breakfast after one of my night shifts which was a real treat," Stacey tells us. "We became engaged during the week that we went into the first lockdown! It was very romantic because we were at home and Jake had asked my mum to call me as a distraction while he decorated our home with candles and flowers. He had Tale As Old As Time from Beauty And The Beast playing, which is my favourite Disney movie that ended up being the song I walked down the aisle to because we hired a string trio who played a beautiful arrangement for us."


Real Weddings: Love train

Love train

Pippa and Ollie met in 2015 at their friend's wedding. "We moved in together in 2018 after enjoying a long-distance romance for three years," Pippa tells us. "Then, in 2019 our Fox Red Labrador who we named Juniper joined our family."

Ollie proposed to Pippa on the beach at Felixstow during the summer of 2019. "It was a wet and windy day and we were trying to introduce Juniper, who was a puppy at the time, to the sea," Pippa tells us.


Real Weddings: Maria and Callum can't help falling in love

Maria and Callum can't help falling in love

Maria and Callum met in a local pub in Abingdon after a mutual friend introduced them. "We began texting one another and then dating, and the rest is history! Maria tells us.

The couple became engaged during a surprise proposal on New Year's Eve. "After almost three years together, we went on holiday to Gran Canaria for a festive trip," Maria says. "On New Year's Eve, we visited the beach during the evening to watch the fireworks and as the clock struck midnight, Callum got down on one knee and presented me with a stunning ring. I said 'yes' instantly – it was the best surprise ever!"


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