Love & Loved Bridal Boutique in Buckinghamshire reveals the best of British

A bridal dress on sale at Love & Loved Bridal Boutique in Buckinghamshire We speak to Vicky Angell, the Owner of Love & Loved Bridal Boutique based in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire about the benefits of supporting British designers. She tells us, "The bridal scene is an eclectic mix of brands spanning the globe with designers from Australia to California coming to the forefront of bridal fashion. But should we be looking closer to home when it comes to getting our bridal fix and shopping local when searching for the one?"

Vicky continues, "British indie bridal brands and designers can make us feel as good as we look. With localism surging in popularity, supercharged by the global pandemic, the trend for shopping local is not faltering. What better time to showcase British independent designers who create dresses here in the UK which brings many benefits? Firstly, the designer is in charge because they're present and hands-on. They have full control over their supply chain and manufacturing processes. With small but perfectly formed teams of local craftspeople, they can ensure quality is never compromised on every gown sent out. Talking of teams, many indie British designers support their local economy by employing local people, often young people, allowing them to learn a craft and perfect specialist skills so often lost in our fast-paced, demanding society. It's as if you know the person who has made your dress, it doesn't feel more personal than that." 

Vicky continues, "Another upside of being the champion of British design is that you have an opportunity to customise your bridal look. With British designers working closely with their stockists, boutiques are well supported in helping a bride make tweaks and changes to perfect the finished dress. They are also a great solution for the laidback bride who hasn't started shopping 18 months before her wedding date. Since every piece is made in the UK, customers won't need to factor in extensive shipping times which buys a little more time to make such an important decision."

With shorter shipping time comes fewer air miles. Choosing a wedding dress or bridal outfit designed and made in the UK minimalises the environmental impact. Vicky tells us, "Many British designers will source their fabrics within the UK and while they cut each pattern to reduce waste, any waste fabric often gets donated to local schools and colleges to be made into something new."

Vicky also explains how a British designer knows British brides best. "They are experienced to understand and reinterpret fashion trends and enduring British style creating gowns that speak to women," she tells us. "They cut and create silhouettes that enhance the way brides look, making them feel amazing in each piece. By being a champion of British bridal designers, you're making a positive impact on the environment, supporting local economies that provide employment and getting a dress that's designed with you in mind."

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