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The Bodleian Libraries, Oxford

The Bodleian Libraries make for a beautiful wedding venue set in the heart of Oxford and surrounded by many other iconic structures, such as the prestigious colleges, Bridge of Sighs and The Sheldonian Theatre. The Old Bodleian Library's eye-catching architecture provides an ideal scenery for any wedding photos. Charming archways lead into the Old Schools Quadrangle where you will often find intricate stonework, gargoyles and Tower of the Five Orders.

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Set amongst the cityscape of Oxford's dreaming spires, the Ashmolean is a magnificent wedding venue in the heart of Britain's cultural heritage. Founded in 1683, the Ashmolean is a Grade I listed building and the oldest public museum in the world. Its impressive exterior is made up of a majestic forecourt and a Neo-classical façade, including stone pillars and a portico, which can be up-lit in the evenings. These breathtaking features, together with the museum's original doors, create an entrance to remember.