Thorpe Mandeville, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX17 2EZ England

I started Zilfarni to begin with as a hobby, a way to make Christmas presents for friends and family, sound familiar?

I really enjoyed making the wax melts, candles and soaps. My husband loves my goats milk with sweet almond oil massage soaps, it really helps his skin. So, I took a chance and booked my first fair, it was a massive success and I then researched into how to make a business out of my products.

I sourced sustainable, cruelty free ingredients, recyclable packing and wrote up my environmental policy, whereby all of my ingredients are sustainably sourced and cruelty free and I have tried so hard to stay as plastic free as I can, however if I have to use plastic, then I have made sure it is fully recyclable, even down to my packaging tape, cellophane wrapping and clamshells.

Well, I had my products, my sustainably sourced ingredients and my recyclable packaging.... but what to call myself.... that came to me one night while I was lying in bed, where most of my ideas come to me if I am completely honest. I was very lucky to have two horses of a lifetime... most people only have one. I had two, Zilfi and Jamarni. Both Arabian horses, both gorgeous and nuts and both the loves of my life. I could describe our lives together, the ups, the downs and all that went on in between, but I would be here forever and you would get bored of reading. So needless to say, they were with me for many years and the days they had to cross the rainbow bridge were two of the hardest days in my life and I still miss them dearly. But that night, when I had the epiphany, my business name came to me. Merge my two horse's names together, Zilfi and Jamarni, to become Zilfarni. Hallelujah.

I am now a woman who owns and runs her small business, who lives just outside Banbury, with her gorgeous little boy, her amazing, supportive husband, the best parents a girl (ok, ok a women in her 40s) could ever wish for and their two dogs. I still have horses as well.

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