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Hiring me is the easiest way to create the perfect atmosphere for your dream wedding, stand out from the crowd and add a touch of elegance to those unforgettable memories.Not only is the music I provide of the highest quality, owing a combination of over 20 years of classical music training and performance experience, mindset training and energetic embodiment work, but my set lists include not only specific song requests from couples but also perfectly complemented extras that create magical, memorable moments.

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Live Wedding Music

All packages include:
Email or Phone consultation to ensure you receive the best service for you.
Yamaha Digital Piano and Roland PA system for a professional and high-quality service.
Fully customisable set list with up to five hours of live playing*
10% discount when you pay in full
BRONZE PACKAGE £395 or £355.50 when you pay in full (SAVE £39.50)
SILVER PACKAGE £495 or £445.50 when you pay in full (SAVE £49.50)
GOLD PACKAGE £595 or £535.50 when you pay in full (SAVE £59.50)
PLATINUM PACKAGE £895 or £805.50 when you pay in full (SAVE £89.50)
Payment Plans Available
*Based on your choice of package

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Live Wedding Music

I am so grateful that you are reading this, because that means you are searching for a bespoke live musical accompaniment to your special day. I pride myself on fulfilling the musical requests of all my wedding couples which means they get to intentionally co-create their ideal atmosphere for their special day. Whilst I cater to a range of musical tastes and perform in a wide array of genres, my clients all have one thing in common: they LOVE live music that is high quality, with intentionally curated set lists that match the different vibes desired on their big day!

The key decisions for your ceremony are:

Guests Arrival

What do you want your guests to feel while they wait for your arrival? And your husband/wife to be! Live music helps start as you mean to go on, with effortless elegance and electric energy ✨

Bridal Entrance/Aisle Song

This is itv the moment you’ve been thinking for! You’re doing it. You’re walking the all. What song will set the stage for you to glide down and step into your next level?

Signing the Registers

You’re signing the documents ✍️ ahh! But your guests are unlikely to find this very exciting to watch…what music will help them to keep your romance at the forefront of your mind? And, most importantly, what song would you like to add to this memory for years to come?

Bridal Exit

You’re married!!! What song are you stepping into the future with as a legally acknowledged couple - there’s no going back now!

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Music Curation

It seems like there is an endless and exhausting to do list when planning a wedding and often music is one of the last things we think about. When we begin to plan, we realise that making music choices are harder than we thought.
How will you choose THE perfect song for your bridal entrance?
Will you be able to come up with 20-30 songs that you LOVE enough to be etched in the memories you will cherish for a lifetime?
Why is it that when you start to think of the ideal song for your drinks reception, all that comes to mind are those guilty pleasure songs that really aren't the vibe you are planning for your wedding day?
I can help you through all of these decisions, with a pre-curated sample repertoire list to give you a head start on musical choices. You can then choose what you DO like off the list, and knowing what you don't like helps put you on the right path for the songs that are really special to you to come to the forefront of your mind.
If you are the kind of person who likes to carefully select every detail, you can handpick your own set list entirely from your own-choice songs, those on my sample lists or any combination of the two.
If you are the kind of person who has an idea of the vibe you want for the different parts of your day, but you aren't fussed on the specific songs, you can choose a word that best describes your intentions and I will curate a playlist for you to this theme which I will send for your approval. We can tweak this until its just as you wish.

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