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Q. Help! We're having children at our wedding, but I know from past experience that they can often get restless at certain points in the day. Any suggestions for things that might keep them entertained?

A. Victoria Hazel says: A little planning can go a long way when children are on the guest list. Where possible, it can be a great idea to involve children in the day with a role such as handing out confetti, giving gifts to bridesmaids and ushers or announcing the cutting of the cake, in addition to traditional flowergirl and pageboy roles.

Although this will help children engage with the ceremony, there is still the rest of the day and evening to consider. Providing a discreet area of toys and games at the reception can help; with children happily occupied, parents are freed up to fully enjoy the celebrations too. You do not have to compromise on the look of your venue to achieve this – for instance, we provide teepee play corners, which can be decorated to blend in with your venue.

Of course, there are times during the day, such as during the ceremony and speeches, when you will not want the children to be as involved, and planning some quiet activities for these times is a good idea. Create a speeches survival kit for your youngest guests (which could double as a child's wedding favour) containing activities such as drawing, puzzles, a small Lego set, an activity book or sweet treats.

Providing for children at your wedding needn't be complicated or a compromise. A few simple steps is all it takes to turn a potential source of tension into special memories of everyone coming together to celebrate your marriage – which is what it is all about.

Victoria Hazel , Hedgerow Circus

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